Kult303 is a rhythm and noise producer based in the UK, consisting of one member Kirstie Kult.
With influences ranging from techno, psytrance, industrial, breaks and metal.

She started out mixing in 2010, and spent the following 8 years learning her craft.
In 2018 she received her first signing under the name 'Nova' producing psytrance on Let it out records. She's known for her unique and diverse abilities of blurring the lines and is genre defiant. She's had releases on legendary UK Hardcore Label Evolution Records.

Alongside her passion for mixing and producing she's also hosted events of her own under the name 'Get Lost', a multi genre club night in Leicester and co-hosted midlands psytrance collective 'Psybrid Sounds'

Most recently in 2020, Mama 303 has been featured on BBC introducing East Midlands with her track 'Thoughts' alongside an interview where she talks about how Mama 303 came to be and the future of her musical career.


In 2021 Kirstie Kult will be expanding on her Industrial Techno / Rhythm & Noise 'Kult 303' project with intentions of international live gigs and further EP/album releases.