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And The World Succumbs To Vermin by MANUFACTURA (2020 Release on Crunchpod)

2020 marks the return of the Influential, controversial, admired and despised project known as Manufactura, with the 10th and final album. In a world where the format of albums has become an antiquated artistic expression and EP’s along with singles are now the preferred method of consumption for the diminishing craft of the musical arts. The album, titled “And the world succumbs to vermin”, offers the sound of hopeful, melancholic joy and inspired dreams, crushed slowly against concrete that have been mangled through rugged soil into a fine sand; only to be dragged and cast down, simply to be mercilessly drowned and scattered by the massive tides of a poisoned depthless ocean of darkness and time. The end of the world has begun. Neither time, neither distance or even death, stood in against its will. This release finalizes the 2nd styled poetic trilogy of albums from Manufactura. Elegantly forming the collective as follows;

We are silently set on fire

As they drown in their lies

And the world succumbs to vermin

Conceived within a dream, in a distant past and foretold by a certain parallel future. The world, now changed, and as such, so too has our understanding of the meaning, of reality. Merging elements of classical music, dark ambient, analog drone, cinematic soundscapes and power electronics into a vast, dark and epic journey of power ambient music. Registering at about 120 minutes, the music was composed and designed to listen to at extreme levels and/or lower, more subdued volumes. This album is intended for prayer, meditation, drug consumption, contemplation, magick, remote viewing, deep relaxation, deep agitation, deep introspection, astral projection, lucid dreaming, healing and/or other states of consciousness and/or chaos.

Here now is the last and final opus, in the form of an album by the saint of violence, by the pain provider, by the worst kind. May thy truth consume you raw, with fervor and tenacity.

1. One dream at a time until we run out dreams 15:53

2. for the vendors of idols are the onset of vandals 08:10

3. their worthless love has poisoned our hearts 11:08

4. as the world incinerates, for the very last time 07:49

5. our prophetic dreams entwine with déjà vu 11:49

6. resembling the last vestiges of substance 10:54

7. in this, the time of plague and pestilance 10:23

8. they embrace the harbingers of non-existence 10:09

9. and hope dissipates in every way 08:33

10. nos entregamos a los angeles de la muerte sagrada 10:17

11. before your last breath, may this be your comfort in the end 15:02

Released December 31, 2020

Crunch Pod Catalog: CRUNCH 191

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Karloz.M

Cover Artwork by Art|Ma

Mastered by Auricle Media

Released by Crunch Pod © 2020

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