• Kirstie Raynor

Latest album, “7 Deadly Sins”, is out on Crunchpod Records

Crunch Pod is proud to present “7 Deadly Sins” the massive debut album from UK’s Kult 303. Producer Kirstie Kult brings forth an onslaught of feral rhythmic noise and techno industrial beats that are certain to entice both DJs & Industrial aficionados alike. Blending harsh yet seductive rhythms with dark tones and intelligent percussive elements. Whilst Kirstie is no stranger to the music industry and very well known on the techno scene under various monikers with exposure on BBC Music Introducing, airing nationally on FM radio with an exclusive interview alongside her music. Her first release in this genre is a concept based on the 7 Deadly Sins, starting with a more subtle approach paving the way for an onslaught of broken beats and complex rhythms, through fresh talent, bringing a pure rhythm and noise assault.

1. Lust 01:46

2. Gluttony 05:02

3. Greed 06:25

4. Sloth 05:18

5. Wrath 06:10

6. Envy 05:42

7. Pride 06:30

Released December 11, 2020

Crunch Pod Catalog: CRUNCH 190

All songs written and produced by Kirstie Kult

Cover Artwork by Kirstie Kult

Mastered by Dirty K Ryan

Released by Crunch Pod © 2020

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